Crosses and Crib Medals

21 results
Baby Boy Praying Blue Oak Cross Boxed 7in
Praying Boy Cross 8.25"H
Praying Girl Cross 8.25"H
Guardian Angel Blue Wood Silver Cross Boxed 6in
Guardian Angel Silver Cross Boxed Pink Wood 6in
Baby Pewter Boy with Puppy Cross Boxed
Baby Pewter Girl with Puppy Cross Boxed
Baby Pewter Angel Cross Boxed
Girls White and Pink Wall Crucifix 6in
Boys White and Blue Wall Crucifix 6in
Baby Boy's Prayer Wall Cross Pewter 6in
Cherry Stained Boy's Cross 6in
Cherry Stained Girl's Cross 6in
Guardian Angel Cross Pewter 6in
Baby Girl's Cross Pewter 6in
Baby Boy's Cross Pewter 6in
Girl Praying White and Pink Cross 7in
Baby Boy Praying White and Blue Cross 7in
Baby Girl Praying Oak Pink Cross Boxed 7in
Guardian Angel Aluminum cross and pink painted with pewter 6"