22 results
Baby in Wings Ornament 2.25"H
Believe Christmas Ornament 2"H
Cardinal Disk Ornament 4.5"H
Forgive Them Nail Ornament 6.5"H
Holy Family Grotto Ornament 3.75"H
Holy Family LED Lantern Ornament 5"
Holy Family Ornament 3.5"H
Holy Family Ornament 4.5"H
Holy Family Ornament 5"H
Holy Family Ornament 5.5"H
Holy Family Ornament LED 4.75"H
Holy Family Stable Ornament 4"H
Holy Family Stable Ornament 4.5"H
Holy Family Star Ornament 5"H
Lion and Lamb Ornament 5.25"
Lion and Lamb Ornament with Tag 3"H
Little Drummer Boy Ornament 5"H
Memorial Wing Heart Ornament 5.75"H
Nativity Stable Ornament LED 6"H
Santa Kneeling to Baby Jesus Ornament 2.75"H
Santa Kneeling to Baby Jesus Ornament 3.5"H
Stocking for Jesus Ornament 4.5"H