Wall Cross

118 results
Crucifix 13.25"H
Antique Gold Crucifix 13.25"H
Oak Cross and Black Chalice Cross 8in
Black Wood Gifts of the Spirit Cross 8in
Cherry Gifts of the Spirit Cross 7in
Baptism Blessing Wall Cross 7.7"H
The Apostles Crucifix 12"H
Life of Christ Crucifix 12"H
Contemporary Crucifix 12"H
San Damiano Crucifix 11.75"H
Victorian Oak/Gold Crucifix- 10.25"H
Holy Trinity Crucifix-10.25"H
Florentine Crucifix 10.25"H
Wood Wall Crucifix 10"H
He is Risen Crucifix 10"H
White Crucifix Box 5in
Brass Crucifix Box 4in
Walnut Holy Spirit Crucifix Box 8in
Oak Cross with Red Epoxy and Gifts of Spirit, Box 8in
Oak Cross and White Chalice Cross 8in
Oak Cross and Blue Chalice Cross 8in
Cherry Holy Spirit Crucifix 8in
Black Holy Spirit Crucifix 8in
Holy Spirit Cherry Stained Cross 7in
Cherry Stain Wood Cross 7in
Cherry RCIA Cross 7in
Wood Communion Cross W/Corpus 6in
White Communion Cross W/Corpus 6in
Silver with White Wood Communion Cross 6in
Silver with Cherry Wood Confirmation Cross 6in
Silver with Black Wood Communion Cross 6in
Silver Gifts of the Spirit Cross 6in
Chalice Communion Pewter Cross 6in
Gifts of the Spirit Pewter Cross 6in
Confirmation Pewter Cross 6in
Pewter Confirmation Cross 6in
118 results