Joseph's Studio® Statues

359 results
A Child's Touch Statue 10"H
Angel Holding Baby Garden Statue 25.5"H
Angel Memorial Box 11.75"H
Baby Jesus Nativity Figure in Color 6.25"H
Baby Jesus Nativity Figure in Ivory 10.5" H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 18.5"H
Angel with Birds on Dress Garden Statue 16.5"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 10"H
Angel with Fallen Christ Statue 7"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 6.25"
Christ is Risen Statue 12"H
Angel with Bluebird on Stone Statue 16.25"H
5pc Adorned Holy Family with Angel and Lamb 21.75"H
Angel with Girl Communion Figure 7.75"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 14.5"H
2 Sheep Standing and Seated in Color 14.5" 2pc set
Cherub with Dove Garden Statue 12"H
Angel with Bluebird Seated Statue 9.75"H
Angel with Windchime Harp 10"H
Baby Jesus Nativity Figure in White 6.25"H
Celtic Cross Garden Statue 16.25"H
Angel Birdfeeder Garden Statue 18"H
Santa Kneeling to Baby Jesus Figure 8"H
Angel Facing Cross Garden Statue 11.75"H
Angel with Holy Family Stone 9.5"
Blue Angel with Deer and Bear 13"H
Baby Jesus Wood Figure 8.25"H
Angel with Baby Figure 6.75"H
Angel and Baby Garden Stone 8"H
Baptism Angel Holding Shell 9"H
Angel Seated Garden Statue 12"H
Angel with Chimes Garden Statue 13.25"H
Angel with Baby Garden Statue 16.5"H
Angel with Boy Communion Figure 7.75"H
Angel with Gold and Olive Tones 12.25"H
359 results