Wall Crucifixes

123 results
Papal Crucifix - 10 In. Metal Papal Crucifix Boxed
Risen Crucifix - 7 in. Walnut Stain Risen Crucifix Boxed
Crucifix - 7 in. Brass Crucifix Boxed
Crucifix - 12 in. Walnut Stain Crucifix Boxed
Crucifix - 10 in. Cherry Crucifix Boxed
Two Tone Burled Wood Crucifix 10"H
Beveled Wall Crucifix 12"H
Beveled Wall Crucifix 8"H
Wall Crucifix Wood 10"H
Crucifix Silver 7.5"H
Faith Word Cross 12.75"H
Wall Crucifix Bronze 9.5"H
Ornate Wall Crucifix 10"H
Crucifix Silver 11.5"H
Misericordia Crucifix 14.5"H
Crucifix Antique Silver 8.25"H
Contemporary Crucifix 12"H
Benedictine Crucifix Two Tone 10.25"
Life of Christ Crucifix 12"H
Victorian Style Crucifix Oak and Gold 10.25"H
Apostles Crucifix 12"H
Holy Trinity Crucifix 10.25"H
San Damiano Cross 17.75"H
Crucifix 8"H
Crucifix 8"H
San Damiano Cross 10.75"H
Crucifix 20.5"H
Florentine Crucifix 10.25"H
Crucifix 20.25"H
San Damiano Cross 6"H
Crucifix Antique Silver 20"H
Crucifix 13.25"H
Crucifix Antique Gold 20"H
Crucifix Antique Gold 13.25"H
Crucifix Antique Silver 13.25"H
Crucifix Antique Gold 8.25"H
Crucifix Carved 12"H
123 results