Wall Crosses

51 results
Risen Cross - 7 in. Brass Cross Boxed
Risen Cross - 7 in. Walnut Stain Risen Crucifix Boxed
Cross - 5 1/2in Pewter Celtic Cross Boxed
Cross - 4 3/4 in. Celtic Cross Boxed
Risen Cross - 10 in. Oak Cross Boxed
Faith Word Cross 12.75"H
Tau Cross with St. Francis 8.75"H
Last Supper Cross 10"H
Last Supper Wall Cross 10.25"H
Resurrection Wall Cross 10.25"H
Immaculate Heart Saint Cross 8"H
Sacred Heart Saint Cross 8"H
Last Supper Cross 13.25"H
Praying Hands Wall Cross 8"H
Celtic Garden Wall Cross 9.5"H
Christ Carrying Cross Wall Cross 17"H
Amazing Grace Wall Cross 6"H
Resurrection and Life Cross 10.25"H
Pectoral Wall Cross 7.5"H
Crown of Thorns Cross 15.5"H
Irish Hanging Wall Cross 7.75"H
Serenity Wall Cross 10.25"H
God is My Arrow Wall Cross 8.5"H
Crossword Wall Cross 16"H
Tree of Life Wall Cross 9.75"H
Blessed Word Cross 12.75"H
Believe Word Cross 12.75"H
He is Risen Cross 6.75"H
Crown of Thorns Cross 10"H
You Are a Gift Wall Cross 7.75"H
Madonna and Child Wall Cross 9"H
Armor of God Wall Cross 8.25"H
Irish Blessings Cross 8"H
Lace Wall Cross 6.75"H
Ichthus Wall Cross 18"H
Christ's Story Wall Cross 8"H
51 results