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A Grandmother's Love Figure 8"H
Always There Figure 4.75"H
Angel of Hope Figure 5"H
Armor of God Knight Figure 5"H
Best Friends Figure 7.5"H
Contentment Figure 5.75"H
Crucifix Triptych Scene 14"H
Friendship Figure 5.75"H
In Safe Hands Figure 6.25"H
Irish Dancer Musical Wind-up 7"H
Last Supper Carved Figure 14.5"W
Last Supper with Arch 7.25"H
Let Us Thank Him Figure 2.75"H
Like Mother, Like Daughter Figure 6"H
Moment in Time Figure 10.25"H
My Boy Figure 5.75"H
Pope Francis Figure 10.75"H
Pope Francis Figure 4"H
Pope Francis Figure 4.75"H
Pope Francis Statue 6.25"H
Praying Figure 3"H
Precious Figure 3.75"H
Tree of Life Angel with Cross Figure 9"H
Triptych with Crucifixion 14"H
Triptych with La Pieta 12.25"H
Welcomed with Love Figure 11"H