Other Crosses & Crucifixes

32 results
Blessings Cross Rise 4.5"H
Bedside Cross Crystal 2.5"H
Bedside Cross Give it to God 2.5"H
First Pray Prayer Cross 4.5"H
Blessings Cross Faith 4.5"H
Blessings Cross Trust 4.5"H
Blessings Cross Christ 4.5"H
Blessings Cross Love 4.5"H
Blessings Cross Bless 4.5"H
Give it to God Prayer Cross 6"H
Give it to God Dotted Bedside Cross 2.5"H
Bedside Cross Crystals 2.5"H
Give it to God Bedside Cross 2.5"H
Bedside Cross Amazing Grace 2.5"H
Bedside Communion Cross 2.5"H
Bedside Cross Miracles Happen 2.5"H
Bedside Cross Filigree 2.5"H
Memorial Angel with Cross 12"H
Angel on Cross with Gold Heart 12"H
Crucifix with Stand 8.5"H 2pc set
Large Crucifix 72"H
Imploring Jesus Cross 3.5"H
Comfort Cross 4.25"H
Wings with Silver Cross 10.25"H
Comfort Cross 4"H
Crucifix Holy Water Font 7"H
Jesus Cross with Easel .5"H
Benedictine Crucifix - Bronze with Pewter Corpus (Stands & Hangs)
Crucifix Holy Water Font Painted 9"
Crucifix Holy Water Font Bronze 9"
Crucifix Holy Water Font 7.5"
Crucifix Holy Water Font 11"