Angel Statues

74 results
Praying Angel Figure 11"H
Angel Figure with Poinsettia and Cardinals 13"H
Guardian Angel with Male Healthcare Worker Figure 7.25"H
Guardian Angel with Baby Figure 11.5"H
Angel with Rose Statue 10.5"H
Angel with Dove Statue 10"H
Tree of Life Angel with Heart 9"H
Angel with Lace Design 9"H
Lace Angel with Bird 12.5"H
Michael - St. Michael the Archangel 11"
Classic Guardian Angel Statue 10"H
Guardian Angel Reading with Child Statue 10.5"H
Guardian Angel with Child Statue 8.5"H
Guardian Angel with Female Healthcare Worker Figure 7.25"H
Angel with Baby Figure 6.75"H
Angel with Gold and Olive Tones 12.25"H
Angel with Heart LED Figure 10"
Angel with Butterfly LED Figure 10"
Praying Angel Figure 8"H
Irish Angel Figure Woodcut 7"H
Angel Hold Heart Figure 12.5"H
Guardian Angel Figure 8.5"H
Not All Angels Are in Heaven Figure 8.5"H
Angel with Butterfly Pebble Statue 14"H
Love Angel Figure 4.25"H
So Grateful Angel 8.5"H
You Are Loved Angel Figure 8.5"H
With God Angel Figure 4.25"H
Trust Angel Figure 4.25"H
Be Still Angel Figure 4.25"H
Crossword Angel Figure 10.5"H
Good in the World Angel Figure 8.5"H
Praying Angel Figure 8.5"H
Guardian Angel with Kids Figure 8.75"H
Healthcare Angel Figure 8.75"H
Bless This Home Angel Figure 8.5"H
74 results