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Give it to God Plaque 11.75"H
Blessings Tray with Cross 4"D
Blessings Tray with Angel 4"D
Madonna and Child with Lamb Wood Plaque 12.25"H
Last Supper Framed Panel with Leafing 21"H
Intention Tray Believe 4"
Intention Tray Blessed 4"
Blessings Tray with Heart 4"D
Intention Tray Love 4"
Give it to God Poem Plaque 11.75"H
Intention Tray Joy 4"
Give it to God Pillow 14"
God is Greater 2-Sided Plaque 6"H
Miraculous Medal Plaque Bronze 5x8"
Madonna and Child Wood Plaque 12.25"H
Holy Family with Angel Decorative Panel 17"
Michael - St. Michael Decorative Panel 15"H
Our Lady of Guadalupe Framed Art 27.25"H
Song of the Angels Decorative Panel 26"H
Our Lady of Grace Decorative Panel 17"H
Madonna and Child Decorative Panel 26"H
Sacred Heart Frame Art 27"H
Innocence Decorative Panel 17"H
Last Supper Plaque with Frame 7"H
Last Supper Plaque 5"H
Last Supper Decorative Panel 20.25"H
Immaculate Heart Icon Square Plaque 7.25"H
Our Lady of Guadalupe Decorative Panel 17"H
Last Supper Plaque 7.75"H
Sacred Heart Icon Square Plaque 7.25"H
A Child's Touch Decorative Panel 15"H
Immaculate Heart Decorative Panel 15"H
Sacred Heart Decorative Panel 15"H
Jesus Decorative Panel 26"H
Immaculate Heart Wood Plaque 12.25"H
Sacred Heart Wood Plaque 12.25"H
88 results