Communion Crosses & Crucifixes

22 results
Communion Table Cross 5.5"H
Cross - 8in Oak Cross and Blue Chalice Cross Box
Cross - White Communion Cross and Rosary Set Box
Cross 6in Wood Communion Cross Box
Cross - Black Epoxy Communion Cross 5"
Praying Girl Cross 8.25"H
Jesus with Praying Girl Communion Figure 9.5"H
Distressed Communion Wall Cross 8.75"H
Communion Wall Cross 8"H
Communion Boy Cross 8.5"H
Communion Girl Cross 8.5"H
His First Communion Wall Cross 7.25"H
Chalice and Wheat Wall Cross 7"H
Cross - 8in Oak Cross and White Chalice Cross Box
Cross - 6in Pewter Communion Cross with White Epoxy, Box
Crucifix 4in Brass Crucifix Box
Cross 4.75in Pewter Communion Celtic Cross Box
Cross 5in Communion Cross Box
Crucifix 5in Black
Cross 6in Pewter Communion Cross Box
Crucifix 7in Cherry Stain Wood
Crucifix 5in White