Fontanini 5" Nativity Accessories

Fontanini has long been a household name for the finest quality in Italian crafted religious statues and figurines, especially known for their lifelike, historically accurate nativity sets reminiscent of first century Bethlehem. Since 1908, the House of Fontanini in Lucca, Italy has excelled in their tradition of creating nativity figures, scenes, and accessories with care, craftsmanship, and intricate beauty. Fontanini nativities are an excellent choice for a classic and timeless Christmas display, treasured family heirloom, or a meaningful gift for a special occasion such as weddings and anniversaries.
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4 Figure Nativity with Resin Stable 5"
5 Figure Nativity 5"
5 Figure Nativity Wedding Creche 5" Scale
5 Figure Nativity with Italian Stable 5" Scale
Aaron the Shepherd 5"
Albero Tree 13"H
Amos the Carpenter 5"
Andrew the Potter 5"
Angel at Resurrection Figure 5"
Angel Kneeling 5"
Angel Standing 5"
Animal Corral 6.5"H
Antonia the Villager 5"
Ari the Young Shepherd 5"
Armoni the Produce Merchant 5"
Baby Camel 5" 2pc set
Baby Jesus Nativity Figure 5"
Backdrop LED 8"H
Bakery Shop 8.75"H
Balthazar on Camel 5"
Barnyard Birds 5" 12pc set
Baskets and Crates for 5" 4pc set
Bazaar 10"H
Bazaar 10"H
Bedside Angel 5"
Bethany Vineyard Worker 5"
Bethlehem Town Display 41"W
Bird Shelter 4"H
Birds of Bethlehem 5" 5pc set
Birth of Christ Nativity Figure 5"
Blacksmith Shop LED 5.5"H
Boy with Pig Cement 5"
Bridge 12"H
Bridge 12"H
Camel Seated 5"
Camel Standing 5"
Camel with Blanket 5"
Campfire LED 3.75"H
189 results