Baby/Baptism Frames, Plaques, & Keepsake Boxes

96 results
Baptism Frame 7"H
Distressed Baptism Frame 7"H
Distressed Baptism Keepsake Box 3"H
Distressed Baptism Frame 6.75"H
Horizontal Baptism Frame 6.75"H
Vertical Baptism Frame 6.5"H
Multi Sacrament Keepsake Box 3.75"H
Baptism Keepsake Box 3"H
Hush-a-bye Keepsake Box 2"H
Hush-a-bye Wall Plaque 11"H
Hush-a-bye Frame 6.5"H
Boy Frame with Cross 4"H
Happy Birthday Cake Frame Pink 7"H
Girl Frame with Cross 4"HS
Princess Crown Frame 6"H
Little Man Frame Blue 6"H
Girl Frame 8.25"H
Frame with Bear 5.25"H
Princess Crown Frame 6"H
Baptism Frame 7"H
For This Child Frame 9"H
Baptism Frame with Cross 6"H
Ultrasound Frame 5.25"H
It's a Boy Blue Frame with Feet 5"H
God Bless Frame 5.75"H
Baptism Hinged Frame with Cross 5"H
Bless This Boy Keepsake Box with Rosary .75"H
Baby Double Frame 9.25"H
Baptism Frame with Silver Cross 5.5"H
Baptism Frame with Rhinestone Cross 4.75"H
Baptism Frame White 6.5"H
Boy Baptism Frame Blue and White 7.25"H
Baptism Frame White 8.25"H
Lamb Baptism Frame 7.25"H
Baptism Boy Frame 7"H
My Baptism Day Frame 4.75"H
96 results