Wedding/Anniversary Giftware

20 results
Double Heart Frame 9"H
Happy Anniversary Figure 11.25"H
Celebration Figure 6"H
Endless Love Figure 6"H
Soulmates Figure 12"H
Day to Remember Figure 5.5"H
Love and Cherish Figure 5.75"H
Love Keepsake Tray 1"H
Celebrate 50 Plate 9.75"D
Wedding Rosary Silver Lasso 39.5"L
Lace Keepsake Plate 5"D
Wife Love Token 1.25"H
Husband Love Token 1.25"H
Wedding Rose with Cloche 5.25"H
Celebrate 25 Plate 9.75"D
25th Anniversary Figurine 7"H
Love Letters Mailbox 3.5"H
Mr. and Mrs. Heart Ornaments 4"H 2pc set
25th Anniversary Rose with Cloche 5.25"H
25th Anniversary Sugar Figure 3"H