Garden Statues

143 results
Angel - Solar Angel Bronze 17.75"H
Our Lady of Grace 14"H
Praying Angel Garden Statue 39"H
Angel with Cross on Stone 13"H
Memorial Angel Stepping Stone 11.25"H
Jesus with Two Children 14"H
Our Lady of Lourdes 23"H
Angel with Cross 14.5"H
Baby Sleeping in Wings 6"H
Irish Angel Garden Stone 9"H
Jesus Holding Cross 17.75"H
Windchime with Angel and Bluebird 21"
Angel with Chimes 13.25"H
Angel Kneeling 12"H
Angel with Lamb 16"H
Eagles' Wings Garden Stone 11"H
Irish Angel Garden Stone 9.75"
Memorial Angel 5.5"H
Baby Sleeping in Wings 7"H
Angel with Two Birds 20"H
Angel with Wings Praying 21"H
Angel with Dove 24.5"H
Angel with Harp Windchime 10"H
Angel Wing Planter 6.5"H
Cherub with Dove 12"H
Angel - Solar Angel Birdbath 23"H
Angel - Solar Guardian Angel 20.5"H
Cherub with Kitten 12"H
Memorial Angel Box 11.75"H
Angel Kneeling in Rose 11"H
Memorial Angel with Cross 12"H
Angel with Birds on Dress 16.5"H
Angel Kneeling Male 13.25"H
Angel Sitting Facing Left 12"H
Angel with Cross Memorial 14.75"H
Angel Holding Wreath 48"H
143 results