Candles and Candle Holders

25 results
Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue 9.75"H
Candle Remote Control
Holy Family Statue 10"H
Michael - St. Michael Statue 11"H
Francis - St. Francis Statue 10"H
Joseph - St. Joseph Statue 9.75"H
Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue 10"H
Smooth Candle White 7"H
Wedding Unity Candle Holders 6"H 3pc set
Crossword Candle Holder 2.5"H
I Baptize You Candle 10"H
Friends Leave Footprints Stepping Stone 9"D
Filigree Wrap Candle Holder Red 3"H
Snowflake Wrap Candle Holder Silver 4"H
Red Rustic Candle 7"H
White Smooth Candle 5"H
Ivory Rustic Candle 8"H
Advent Votives 4.5"H 4pc set
Ivory Tapers LED 9"H 2pc set
Ivory Votives 4.5"H 2pc set
Advent Tapers LED 9"H 4pc set
Red LED Tapers 9"H 2pc set
Communion Candle 10"H
Marble LED Candle with Verse 6"H
24-hour Votive Candle (Battery Operated)