Fontanini 5" Nativity Accessories

Fontanini has long been a household name for the finest quality in Italian crafted religious statues and figurines, especially known for their lifelike, historically accurate nativity sets reminiscent of first century Bethlehem. Since 1908, the House of Fontanini in Lucca, Italy has excelled in their tradition of creating nativity figures, scenes, and accessories with care, craftsmanship, and intricate beauty. Fontanini nativities are an excellent choice for a classic and timeless Christmas display, treasured family heirloom, or a meaningful gift for a special occasion such as weddings and anniversaries.
158 results
Three Kings 3pc set 5" Scale
Three Kings on Camels 5" Scale
Three Kings on Horse, Camel, and Elephant 5" Scale
Three Kings Set 5" Scale
Town Backdrop 10"H
Town Well with Trough 7.25"H
Toymaker's Shop 7"H
Uriel the Archangel 5" Scale
Vineyard Fences 2pc Set 4.5"H
Wall Fountain with Water Pump 6"H
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector 5" Scale
Zimri the Instrument Maker 5" Scale
Zina Wife of Basket Weaver 5" Scale
Zofia the Fruit Merchant 5"
158 results