Joseph's Studio® Statues

359 results
Michael - St. Michael Statue 10.25"H
Madonna and Child Statue 16.25"H
Michael - St. Michael Statue 7.25"H
La Posada Statue 10"H
Michael - St. Michael Statue 11"H
Madonna and Child Garden Statue 14"H
Michael - St. Michael Statue 4.75"H
Michael - St. Michael Statue 12"H
Madonna and Child Statue 12"H
Our Lady of Lourdes Statue 23"H
Memorial Heart Angel 12.25"H
Memorial Angel with Dove 13.25"H
Our Lady of Lourdes Garden Statue 17"H
Lion and Lamb Figure 6.5"H
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Statue 8"H
Memorial Cross with Roses 12"H
Lion and Lamb on Rock Figure 8.5"H
Last Supper Statue 4.5"H
Madonna and Child with Lily Statue 12.5"H
Madonna and Child Statue 18"H
Patrick - St. Patrick Statue 10.5"H
Memorial Angel Garden Chime 11.25"H
Memorial Box with Angel 16"H
Our Lady of Grace Statue 10.25"H
Our Lady of Grace Holy Water Font 7.25"H
Our Lady of Grace Statue 14"H
Last Supper Carved Figure 14.5"W
Patrick - St. Patrick Garden Statue 26.5"H
Mater Amabilis Statue 10.25"H
Nativity Figure with Slim Profile 10.25"H
Little Drummer Boy Ornament 5"H
Lion and Lamb Ornament 5.25"
Lion and Lamb with Angel Figure 11.5"
Memorial Angel Garden Stone 9"H
Mary Undoer of Knots Holy Water Font 11.75"H
La Pieta with Carved Finish 8"H
359 results