291 results
25th Anniversary Figurine 7"H
25th Anniversary Sugar Figure 3"H
A Grandmother's Love Figure 8"H
Alexander the Soldier Figure 5" Scale
Always There Figure 4.75"H
Angel at Resurrection Figure 5" Scale
Angel Blessings Block 5"H
Angel Hold Heart Figure 12.5"H
Angel in Blue Gown with Lamb 9.75"H
Angel LED Figure 8.25"H
Angel of Hope Figure 5"H
Angel of Mine Figure 10.75"H
Angel of Strength Figure 6.25"H
Angel Over Holy Family Figure 9.75"H
Angel Praying LED 6.25"H
Angel Praying with Lace Design 6"H
Angel with Baby Figure 6.75"H
Angel with Bird Figure 9.5"H
Angel with Book 8.5"H
Angel with Butterfly LED Figure 10"
Angel with Cat Figure 4.25"H
Angel with Christmas Wreath 15"H
Angel with Communion Boy Figure 3"H
Angel with Communion Girl Figure 2.75"H
Angel with Cross 5"H
Angel with Cross Figure 9.5"H
Angel with Dog Figure 4.25"H
Angel with Fur 12.5"H
Angel with Garden Hoe Terracotta Figure 4"H
Angel with Heart LED Figure 10"
Angel with Holy Family Stone 9.5"
Angel with Lace Design 9"H
Angel with Lace Design Holding Bird 7.25"H
Angel with Pebble Look LED 9.5"H
Angel with Pineapple Figure 12.5"H
Angel with Poinsettia and Cardinals 13"H
291 results