172 results
25th Anniversary Frame 5.75"H
25th Anniversary Frame 6.75"H
25th Anniversary Frame 7"H
25th Anniversary Frame Lace 8.75"H
25th Rhinestone Frame 4.25"H
40 Years Together Frame 8.5"H
40th Anniversary Rhinestone Frame 3.25"H
50 Wedding Bands Frame 8"H
50 Years Together Frame 8.5"H
50th Anniversary Frame 6.75"H
50th Anniversary Frame 7"H
50th Anniversary Frame with Clear Leaves 9.25"H
50th Anniversary Gold Reflective Frame 6"H
50th Anniversary Lace Frame 8.75"H
50th Anniversary Love's Blooms Frame 8.5"H
50th Anniversary Rhinestone Frame 3.25"H
50th Anniversary Rhinestone Frame 8.75"H
Anniversary Frame 8"H
Baby Boy Hinged Frame 5"H
Baby Double Frame 9.25"H
Baby Feet Frame with Matte 7.25"H
Baby Girl Hinged Frame 5"H
Baptism Blessing Frame 6"H
Baptism Boy Frame 7"H
Baptism Cross Rhinestone Frame 6"H
Baptism Frame 7"H
Baptism Frame 7"H
Baptism Frame 8"H
Baptism Frame 9.25"H
Baptism Frame White 6.5"H
Baptism Frame White 8.25"H
Baptism Frame with Cross 6"H
Baptism Frame with Rhinestone Cross 4.75"H
Baptism Frame with Silver Cross 5.5"H
Baptism Girl Frame 7"H
Baptism Hinged Frame with Cross 5"H
172 results