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A Child's Touch Statue 10"H
Agatha - St. Agatha Statue 3.75"H
Andrew - St. Andrew Statue 4"H
Angel Holding Star with Holy Family in Skirt Statue 15.75"H
Angel with Boy Communion Figure 7.75"H
Angel with Butterfly Pebble Statue 14"H
Angel with Dove Statue 10"H
Angel with Fallen Christ Statue 7"H
Angel with Girl Communion Figure 7.75"H
Angel with Lion and Lamb Statue 9.25"H
Angel with Rose Statue 10.5"H
Angels with Bird Garden Statue 12.25"H
Angels with Christ Statue 13.25"H
Anne - St. Anne Statue 2.75"H
Anne - St. Anne Statue 3"H
Anne - St. Anne Statue 4.5"H
Anne - St. Anne Statue 7"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Antiqued Figure 19.75"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Finder of Love Statue 4.25"H
Anthony - St. Anthony of Padua Statue 4"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 10"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 10.5"
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 14.5"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 18.5"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 4"H
Anthony - St. Anthony Statue 6.25"
Barbara - St. Barabara Statue 3.75"H
Benedict - St. Benedict Statue 4"H
Benedict - St. Benedict Statue 6.25"H
Blessed Virgin Mary Statue 4"H
Cardinal Memorial Angel Statue 11"H
Caridad del Cobre Statue 13"H
Carpenter's Apprentice Statue 12.75"H
Catherine - St. Catherine of Siena Figure 3.75"H
Cecilia - St. Cecilia Statue 3.25"H
Cecilia - St. Cecilia Statue 6"H
294 results