I Am With You Always Faux Leather Checkbook Cover - Matthew 28:20


The lovely I Am With You Always Faux Leather Checkbook Cover is a reminder of Christ's words from the book of Matthew. Hold on to this promise of God's faithfulness.

The daintily decorated Faux Leather Checkbook Cover is made of a supple, scuff-resistant white faux leather and adorned with watercolored flower buds, berries, and leaves in soft pastel colors. The pattern starts on the back cover and weaves itself around the spine and around the centered Bible verse written in blue foiled whorled azure calligraphy, with size and emphasis given to the central word of this passage: always.

I am with you always

The cover is topstitched along its rounded edges, making it durable and long-lasting. When opened, this item has a slip pocket with three slots for credit cards, a clear I.D. holder, and a helpful pen-holder. The lower half holds another slip pocket for inserting a checkbook, and a plastic divider allows you to write a carbon copy without worrying about damage to the rest of the checks.

This checkbook cover's feminine design makes it ideal for any lady who loves vintage fashion, no matter what her age might be. The I Am with You Always Faux Leather Checkbook Cover is a chic item to use for budgeting. 

  • White Background with Watercolored Berries, Flower Buds, and Leaves 
  • Foiled Calligraphy 
  • Topstitched Edges 
  • Faux Leather 
  • 1 Interior Slip Pocket for Check Pad 
  • 3 Credit Card Slots 
  • 1 I.D. Window 
  • Wipe with Damp Cloth to Clean 
  • Packaged in Self-Seal Bag 
  • Size: 6.9" x 3.7" x 0.6" (175 x 94 x 15mm)