John - Saint John Vianney Holy Card

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Saint John Mary Vianney

Saint John Mary Vianney is familiarly known as the Curé of Ars and as such is the heavenly patron of all parish priests.
He was born of poor parents in Dardilly, France, in 1786. He began his studies for the priesthood at the age of nineteen and only after many failures and difficulties was he ordained in 1815.
He was appointed pastor of the village of Ars where Faith had practically vanished. Here he labored for the rest of his life gaining a worldwide reputation as a priest who practiced great penance, exercised a wondrous power in the confessional, and softened the hearts of sinners by his preaching.
After many trials, not least of which was an obsession by the devil, Father Vianney, exhausted by his labors and his penance, returned his soul to God in 1859. He was canonized in 1929 and his feast is celebrated in August 4.