Socks - St. Nicholas Socks (Kids)

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At a young age, Nicholas' deeply religious parents died in an epidemic, leaving him with a large inheritance. He obeyed Jesus' words. "Sell what you have and give your money to the poor," using all of it to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. As Bishop of Myra, he became known for many great deeds. In one instance, a bag of gold mysteriously appeared in the house of a family that was struggling to provide a proper dowry for their daughters' marriages. When thrown through the window by Nicholas, it landed in the family's shoes that were set by the fire to dry. Hence, the tradition of Christmas stockings and setting out shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas' feast day was born.

There are a lot of Christmas socks out there. None will be as authentically Catholic as these St. Nick Socks! Let your socks start conversations about the true story of jolly ol' St. Nick. Can you think of a better gift to give on December 6th than to fill those shoes with this saintly touch?

Feast day: December 6

Patron of: bakers, pawnbrokers, merchants, repentant thieves, and brewers

Kids - 12-1.5 US Children's Shoe Size

Material: Approx. 35% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 28% Nylon, 2% Spandex