True Devotion to Mary - St. Louis de Montfort

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This book is a new English translation of a classic 18th century French work by St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. It is THE seminal treatise on Marian devotion, a must read for anyone wishing to delve more deeply into the core of Catholic spirituality and the eternal quest for holiness.  Pope John Paul II once said that "the reading of this book marked a decisive turning point in my life", and of the author he said "St. Louis-Marie is for me a figure of reference who has enlightened me in my most decisive moments".

In "True Devotion to Mary," St. Louis de Montfort invites each of us to surrender, in love and in complete trust, all that we are and all that we have to our blessed Savior. In freely offering ourselves to Him, we renew our baptismal promises and consecrate ourselves to live each day in His Presence as His devoted servants.

On reading the above description, one might ask, if St. Louis is truly calling us to surrender all to Jesus Christ, why does his book focus so intently on Mary, His Mother? As he so beautifully and convincingly explains, it is because Mary, the faithful handmaid of the Lord, who is "ever humble and in conformity with His will", is a Mother worthy of our trust and devotion, on whom we can depend to keep, protect and make exceedingly fruitful all that we entrust to her, for the salvation of souls and for the greater glory of God. By going to Jesus through Mary, we are taking the same humble way to our Lord as He first took in coming to us. This is the essence of "True Devotion to Mary."